Celeste Shirecliffe

Fiction Author



Write what you know. Write what you love.

Everyone has a story to tell and a lesson to teach.



Celeste is an author looking to write meaningful and engaging fiction novels that bring to light everyday problems and concerns and show the beauty behind life’s chaos. She strives to do this in classy and principled ways while still addressing the realities of harsh truths. After completing her first novel, she feels strongly that each person has a meaningful story to tell and that writing can be a beautiful creative outlet that can be the means of self-discovering and outreach.

Celeste Shirecliffe’s new book, Hidden Contempt, is available now on Amazon Kindle for purchase!

Celeste hosted a Nationwide Book Cover Competition for all aspiring artists interested in winning a $1000 prize! Voting to determine the best cover from among the finalist is now in process.

To vote for your favorite cover, click on the Books tab above!

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