Nationwide Book Cover Competition Results

Hidden Contempt’s Book Cover Competition Winner, Finalists, & Honorable Mentions

After 165 artists across the country expressed their interest in the book cover competition, 4 finalists were selected for a chance to win the $1000 prize and Rachel Fuqua’s cover design won!


Congratulations Rachel Fuqua!


Rachel Fuqua

Rachel Fuqua is studying Marketing, Graphic Design and Spanish at Tennessee Technological University. She has thrown herself into staying involved on campus; she participates in intramural sports, is active in her campus ministry, and is also a College of Business Student Ambassador. She wants to go into graphic design, but chose Business as her major because she has always been intrigued by the marketing side of design. She is hoping that this choice will mold her into a more versatile and well- rounded artist. When not at Tech, she is usually out hiking or spending time with family. She has always loved and valued the relationship she has with her family, and knows that this not only makes her rare, but also incredibly fortunate. Once she graduates, she plans on diving into her professional career, as this will allow her to save for when she decides to start her own family. As for long term career goals, she wants to work as a designer at an agency to gain valuable work experience. Later on, she might consider starting her own company so that clients could come to her for independent design work.

Isabel Wallace

Isabel Wallace is a first year student at Winthrop University studying for her Graphic illustration degree. She is from Pickens, South Carolina and after college intends to pursue her career as a book cover illustrator. Graphic design has always been a passion for her and in her free time she enjoys scrap booking and playing video games.

Isabel’s design came in a close second in the book cover competition, and she has accepted an offer to have her design used for merchandise in the Hidden Contempt Store available May 10th!

Nakisa Abdollahbeigi

Nakisa Abdollahbeigi has a bachelor degree in Graphic design and is now a graduate student in Art Education at the University of South Carolina. She came to the United States from Iran last year and her goal is to be an art teacher after graduation. She is very excited about this competition and hopes others will like her cover design.

Alyssa Wadsworth

Alyssa Wadsworth grew up on a farm in the Palouse Hills of eastern Washington. She recently graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design from Brigham Young University–Idaho. She first fell in love with design as a sophomore in high school when she took a multi-media course and began exploring the endless possibilities the Adobe programs gave her to create. While she enjoys the various mediums of design, her passion lies in packaging and print. She finds the opportunity to design across dimensions fascinating and challenging. She doesn’t just love creating things that look beautiful, but she enjoys designing things that have a purpose and a story behind them. She currently works as a part-time freelance designer and is looking for a full-time career that allows her to pursue her passion for print and package design.


Honorable Mentions

The following entries were selected as honorable mentions. Though they were not selected as finalists, each cover design has unique and valuable qualities, which earned them a spot as an honorable mention. Please take a moment to look over the artist’s work and profile.

Jasleen Sareen

Jasleen Sareen is a College Student in New York City, finishing up her BA in Studio Art. She is a proud granddaughter, daughter, sister, niece and cat owner. Her submission was chosen as an honorable mention for her accurate portrayal of Chelsea’s haircut as described in the book.

Hannah Huyck

Hannah Huyck was born and raised in Longmont, CO. From a young age she enjoyed creating art and knew that she wanted to make it her career. She enjoys doing anything artsy as well as spending time with her loved ones. She hopes to one day work for Pixar after she completes her degree in 3D Animation from CU Denver and inspire future artists. Her submission was chosen as an honorable mention for her sleek and elegant design.

Sam Lahey

Sam Lahey is a Graphic Design and Writing Fellow at Luther College. She specializes in the Adobe Suite programs, business card design, marketing posters, case statements for fundraising, and book covers. She found her style in putting a twist on landscapes and nature. She also enjoys the written word and books, and strives to incorporate that world into her art. Her passions are book illustration, bringing stories to life, and designing covers that will draw people to the stories inside. Her submission was chosen as an honorable mention for her well put together design.

Renee Schneider

Renee is a graduating New Media student at the University of Maine at Farmington. She currently lives in Nashua New Hampshire. Her work is mostly focused in video and animation, however she also has a passion for creating graphic images. In her upcoming professional career, she hopes to continue to explore these passions. One day she hopes her career and abilities will lead her to becoming a music video producer. Renee is a very positive and optimistic person. Her work strongly demonstrates this attribute. She believes that this quality will help her stand out in a crowd of digital media artists. Today, it is very easy to only see the negative. Renee and her work stride to help others see the positive. If you would like to learn more about Renee and her work, visit her website: You can also contact her at Her submission was chosen as an honorable mention for her unique, gothic design.

Noah Scher

Noah Scher was born in 1996 in San Jose, California, and raised in Virginia. He began attending Christopher Newport University in 2015 and is currently working towards a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Fine Arts. He went to the Washington Waldorf School in Bethesda Maryland from 2nd to 12th grade, where he learned a significant number of his artistic skills, including painting, illustration, sculpting, woodcarving, blacksmithing, weaving, etc. Noah specializes in acrylic painting, illustration, 2D digital design, and 3D modeling. Through these mediums he explores the beauty of the natural world, the weirder sides of pop culture and history, and the depths of the mind. More of Noah’s work can be found at His submission was chosen as an honorable mention for his clever idea of showing an all-seeing eye over the Hawaii Society.