About Hidden Contempt

            The year is 2066, and with hyperinflation, overpriced housing, and AI taking over jobs, the young adults of the US are left with no future and no hope—until The Societies Program.

            Of the twenty government-backed, mini communities set up across the US, the Hawaii Society is the beacon set on a pedestal to showcase to all the world what The Societies Program has to offer the struggling young adults of the United States. Chelsea is elated to be numbered among the newly assigned residents of the coveted Hawaii Society.

            She starts her journey in a high-speed, hydro-propelled pod across the Pacific where she enters a life of ease in a pristine, tropical paradise with a newly built, high-tech facility erected in the midst of a government-owned island off the coast of Hawaii. For months, Chelsea indulges in the spoils that The Society has to offer. However, under this beautiful facade, a sinister reality remains concealed at the heart of The Society. And when tragedy strikes, a spark of apprehension ignites in both Chelsea and The Society’s famous poster-child, and they secretly come together to uncover where The Society’s allegiances truly lie.