Rewards Program

Accumulate 500 points
No limit to the number of individuals awarded this membership level


Free Branded T-shirt or Branded Mug

Accumulate 1000 points
No limit to the number of individuals awarded this membership level


★ Free Branded Hoodie or Towel

Be one of the first 10 to accumulate 3500 points.
(Limit 1 per household at 3500 points.)
-OR- accumulate 6000 points after the first 10 members have acquired gold at 3500 points
After the first 10 households have obtained gold at 3500 points, anyone can acquire gold at 6500 points.

★ A free 5-7 night stay at available vacation resort locations around the world
Based on availability and can’t be planned more than 45 days in advance
Room included: Hotel or Studio
Must be booked within one year of earning Gold.
Airfare NOT included.

Platinum status awarded to the one (1) individual who accumulated the most points in Hidden Contempt’s maiden year (5/10/19-5/10/20) to honor them for going above and beyond in helping us to share Hidden Contempt with the world

★ A 4-7 night stay in a luxury studio or 1 bedroom in Hawaii including airfare for 2 people.
On Big Island or Oahu
Unit and number of nights based on availability and the time of year
Must be booked by 6/18/2020 and used before 3/18/2021
★ Includes awards from Bronze, Silver, and Gold if met before the Platinum Reward eligibility ends on 5/10/19
*Must reach a minimum of 2500 points to qualify for Platinum


      As of July 15th, Heidi Coombs & Romain Marriott

are tied for the most rewards points with 100 points each!     




★Have people list you as their referral when buying the book in the Hidden Contempt Store: 75 points each referral

(No Limit. At checkout, they must select “Other” in the “How did you hear about us?” dropdown menu and include your first and last name as their referral before Checkout.)


★Have your name mentioned in a verified purchase review on Amazon as the referring party: 50 points for each review referencing your full name


(No Limit. They must include your first and last name in the review. ie: I learned about the book from [YOUR FIRST & LAST NAME] . . .  -or- [YOUR FIRST & LAST NAME] suggested this book to me . . .  )


★Subscribe to the author’s e-mail list at 100 points 


★Review Hidden Contempt on the Readers’ Review Page: 50 points

(Limit one per person.)


★Review the book on the Hidden Contempt Facebook page: 50 points

(Limit one per person.)


★Help our social media presence on Facebook or Instagram by using #hiddencontemptbook on pictures, posts, & shares: 20 points per share

                                               *Maximum of 200 points per person


★Tag a friend on The Shirecliffe Rewards Program post on the celeste.shirecliffe Instagram page: 1 point per tagged friend

*Limit 300 points per person


★Donate to Operation Underground Railroad at  to help fight sex trafficking. $10 = 5 points




Membership status will be updated & you will be notified of the rewards you have earned on the 15th of each month.



Rewards Program Rules & Regulations

Program Description: The Shirecliffe Rewards Program is a Referral Marketing Incentives Program.


-In order for points to be tracked, participants must enter the program by filling in their information and agreeing to having their social media activity tracked by filling out the entry form to join the program.

-No form of chance is involved. Anyone within the bounds of entry can earn a reward for their participation.

-Only those who are 18 years of age or older as of the date of entry are subject to participate.

-This program is only open to legal residents of the United States of America, and is void where prohibited by law.

-No purchase is necessary to earn rewards.

Rights Reserved:

-Entertainments Press reserves the right to change or alter program terms and conditions or to cancel the program outright at any time, including reserving the right to apply changes retroactively to benefits already accrued under the program.

-After earning rewards, Entertainments Press/Celeste Shirecliffe will not be held responsible to fulfill rewards when no response is given after 6 months from initial contact.