Celeste Shirecliffe was born and raised in the golden hills of Santa Rosa, CA. After graduating early from Santa Rosa High School, she attended college at Brigham Young University. There she spent her most memorable days directing cameras for BYU sporting events on the Jumbotron—making sure the instant replays were ready and finding bashful couples for the kiss cam. She enjoys brainstorming business plans and creative marketing tactics in her spare time and even won a category in BYU’s competitive business plan competition.

After graduating with a degree in human development and a minor in business, she and her husband trekked across the country to North Carolina where her husband was accepted into UNC Dental School. Celeste works as a freelance video engineer and was delighted to bring to light some of the behind-the-scenes of the audiovisual world in her book, Hidden Contempt.

Celeste’s aptitude for writing came early, as she entered and won a short story competition as a child for Reading Rainbow, a PBS children’s program, and now she hones that ability by writing fiction novels as an adult. Celeste has a young daughter who loves books, and she hopes to write more novels that will address important and difficult topics in a dignified manner without the use of profanity or vulgarity that her daughter can one day read and enjoy.

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